Understanding Crane Points

Crane Points are essentially an internal currency you can spend on accommodation or on incidental charges from any of our food & beverage outlets or spa. Your Fixed Week has a pre-assigned Crane Point value which can be found in the Crane Point Rules here.

Note: Once you pay your Annual Fee on time, your reservation is confirmed for the Fixed Week(s) you own. There are no Crane Points due to you when your Fixed Week is booked.

How do I acquire Crane Points?

Bank your Fixed Week: If you are not planning to use your Fixed Week, you can bank your week and receive Crane Points which can be used at a later date.

Note: Your Annual Fees must be paid in full prior to your request and in order to earn 100% of your Points, you must bank with six (6) months or more notice. If less notice is given, we will pro-rate the Crane Points credited to your account based on Schedule B of the Crane Point rules.

Purchase additional Points: If you need to top up with a few additional points to complete a points booking, these may be purchased at the rate of 1 Crane Point = US$1.50. Or you may also choose to pay the fees on one of your future weeks up to one year in advance in order to convert it to Crane Points.

How can I use my Crane Points?

Internal exchanges:

  • Use Crane Points to make reservations in any Crane Resort, for different times of year and for different sizes of accommodation.
  • Much like your Fixed Week, Crane Points bookings are Saturday – Saturday. However, additional nights can be requested within two (2) weeks of your intended dates on a pro-rated basis.
  • To make an internal exchange, email [email protected] within six (6) months of the start date of your intended week(s).

Note: While we can include preferences in your request and do try to accommodate these where possible, we cannot guarantee specific buildings or residences when making Crane Points bookings.

Incidental Charges:

  • Crane Points can be redeemed at any of our restaurants or in-house spa, at an exchange rate of BDS$0.69 per point, exclusive of tax and service charges.

How long are my Crane Points valid for?

  • Crane Points are valid for three (3) years from original start date of week banked.