Our Story

“In the world of luxury real estate, Crane Resorts uniquely stands by the proposition that a luxury lifestyle and amazing value are not contradictory. One way we accomplish this is by designing, building, operating and maintaining everything ourselves.

While our competition seems to believe that offering value detracts from their luxury message, we’ve decided to market to a more exclusive audience – those people who are confident enough not to need a high price to validate luxury.”

– Founder/Managing Director – Paul Doyle

Our Story

Our first resort, The Crane, was founded on the belief that a world-class, luxury resort lifestyle does not have to come with an excessive price tag.

An eternal optimist, owner Paul Doyle, originally fell in love with and invested everything he had to purchase a sleepy historic resort in an exceptionally spectacular location, on the then little visited “other side of the island.”

He believed there would be enough people that prize peace, tranquility and natural beauty to happily spend time away from the maddening crowd, becoming part of a community while still treasuring their own private retreat

He formed a team to build an experience to fulfill this vision, designing in all the luxuries any discerning traveler would expect, while staying true to the resort’s history.  Since he was determined to offer exceptional value, he also set about doing it what most would consider the hard way.

Everything – from design, to building, and ongoing maintenance – was done internally, to offer unmatched value in the purchase price and ongoing costs.  And with no need to hard sell anyone to buy into the vision, this resulted in even further savings.

As Crane Resorts has expanded, this philosophy is weaved through everything that we continue to do today.

Paul Doyle trusted that a select group of people – certainly not everyone – would invest in the resorts as much as he did.  And they did, and have, and continue to, with over half of our sales coming from existing Crane owners each year.

These are the people who bring their children, and their grandchildren, to live the experience; and who have become our family as much as our own.

When you get here, you’ll know.