5 Things to Know About Living in Barbados

Living in Barbados is the dream. From slowly sipping cocktails on the beach, to discussing world affairs with colourful locals – this is the life! But, beyond the beaches, here are 5 things you should know about living in Barbados:

1. Keep Left!

The prospect of driving on Barbados’ roads can be daunting. Depending on where you’re from, you just might find yourself driving on the opposite side of the road! In Barbados, we drive on the left-side, and most of the country’s vehicles are right-hand drive. A helpful tip is to keep your body in the centre of the road at all times while driving. You will also find that for a small island, Barbados has an unusually large number of roundabouts. Navigate these cautiously and remember to give way to vehicles approaching from the right.

2. It’s a Party.

We know how to party. From the weekly Oistins Fish Fry, to the annual Crop Over Festival, there is always a social gathering or party happening on the island. Friends will be made aplenty, as Barbadians are known for drawing quiet and shy people out of their shells, at any event. Be ready to laugh, dance, drink and eat with some of the most outrageous and colourful personalities you’ll find anywhere in the world.

3. Farewell, Winter.

Hello, year-round sunshine. There are only two seasons in Barbados – dry and wet. Dry season runs from December to May and also happens to be when the island is at its coolest. The wet season is also known as the Hurricane Season and runs from June to November. The good news is that Barbados usually escapes the wrath of the region’s annual tropical storms and hurricanes. In fact, “God is a Bajan” is a popular local saying, often made in reference to Barbados’ luck in this area.

4. Everyone is Your Friend.

Barbadians are friendly people – the friendliest! If you need directions or tips on where to get the best and freshest vegetables, ask someone. They will tell you, along with any other information they think you should have.  Barbados is a small island and its inhabitants have a camaraderie that you’ll never find in a larger country.

5. Relax, You Are On Island Time.

The brochures weren’t kidding – time really does slow down in Barbados, and so will you. Schedules will become suggestions and delays will become standard. But, living in Barbados will be a well taught lesson in what’s truly important in life – building lasting friendships, talking to someone you’ve just met for a little while longer and stopping by the roadside to buy a freshly cut coconut.

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